Creartelia’s commitment to its clients is based on guaranteeing the maximum quality of its services and products in order to achieve satisfaction in accordance with their expectations.

This guarantee of quality is possible thanks to the awareness, on the part of our entire company, of the relevance of this fact in our daily work.

Quality depends on everyone; production processes are complex and each person within our organisation has a specific function for which he or she must take responsibility.

The condition for the successful completion of this process is the involvement of everyone in their tasks, executing them with professionalism and motivation. The requirement to comply with quality criteria is the top priority for all of us who are part of Creartelia.

A global vision of this aspect in our operational processes is fundamental to face each project with this spirit.

Creative concepts in advertising and marketing are constantly changing and require quick and effective responses when it comes to putting them into practice.

Understanding the needs and requirements of our clients is the starting point for providing such answers.

In order to continue to grow in line with market demands and maintain a differential quality, Creartelia is always aware that continuous improvement is a determining factor in the values to be preserved in its company philosophy.

Improving means correcting mistakes and adapting to the continuous changes and new characteristics in the sector. This is the only way to ensure excellence in the service provided and a finished product that becomes better all the time.

On the other hand, analysing the possible variables that are within our reach to maintain responsible management of the environment, is another of the obligations that we have proposed to carry out.

A fundamental requirement for offering quality is respect for others and our environment.

Finally, it is essential that our activity and this quality policy are developed within a correct legal framework and that we comply with our contractual, legal and regulatory obligations. In this way, we will be giving an indisputable social value to our daily work.


Juan Carlos Cuervo
General Manager, Creartelia

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