Memoria medicus mundi FAMME 2019 e1596197478425

As every year, at Creartelia we are delighted to collaborate with Medicus Mundi in the design of their 2019 annual report.

This year we have created the cover that is used in the memory of the national federation (FAMME) and in all Medicus Mundi associations in Spain.

The exercise we were asked to do was create an image of the initiative “Medicines at a fair price”, always with the idea of universal access to health. Our creativity is a very synthetic illustration of a blister of capsules coming out of a ticket. It is an iconic pictogram that perfectly expresses the idea. The cover is highly harmonized with the corporate colors of Medicus Mundi.

In this link you can download the complete memory of FAMME
Medicus Mundi Report 2019

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