Our renewed commitment to the Global Compact

Madrid, March 20, 2021

For yet another year Creartelia reaffirms its commitment to the ten principles of the Global Compact and its correspondence with the SDGs. We continue to feel proud to be part of the most important global cooperation project of our time, which integrates ambitious, participatory, universal and comprehensive objectives, and in which public and private entities are involved.

We live in the Era of Sustainable Development, and Creartelia is not content with being a mere spectator. Since 2016, our adherence to the Pact has become one of our hallmarks. We believe that quality is inseparable from sustainability and in our sector, that of design and communication, business growth must go hand in hand with ethical commitment and social responsibility.

However, this has not been a year of growth. It has been a year of crisis that has led to the need for change and readjustment. 2020 has given more content than ever to the word creativity. Reinventing and adapting has been an imperative. And we can proudly say that we have been able to do so while remaining in tune with our ethical commitments.

Despite the stakes of the pandemic, our involvement with the Pact is even stronger. The SDGs are integrated into all of our activities and value chains. In any Creartelia business relationship, our commitment to the Pact appears as a declaration of intent. For us, the Pact is not just a signature, it is a way of proceeding. Because we are convinced that we can do things better and change the world we live in; In the current situation of health and economic crisis, we think that this is more necessary than ever.

For this reason, we continue to be faithful to the ten Principles, which cover lines of action as important as human rights, the workplace, the environment and the fight against corruption. The fight against any form of corruption or fraud in legal, commercial, labor or contractual matters is particularly important for us, in addition to the commitment to environmental sustainability and the commitment to non-discrimination in employment.

At Creartelia we have not limited ourselves to maintaining our ethical commitment in 2020, but this year we have expanded the actions required by our commitment to the Pact. Among our most outstanding works are the following: we have promoted the implications of CSR among our stakeholders, we have facilitated teleworking within the company by providing all the necessary means, in addition, we have not carried out ERTE and we have maintained decent working conditions despite the necessary change in business management; we have supported social projects with donations, we have continued developing “Zero Margin” projects; and, in addition, we have edited, produced and distributed masks among our stakeholders. The year 2020 ends the hope of vaccines. We can proudly say that in May we made a donation of 40% of the 2019 profit to the CSIC for the development of the Spanish vaccine.

As António Guterres points out, the priorities for 2021 will be the fight against covid-19, sustainable and inclusive recovery, human rights, gender equality, climate and biodiversity, disarmament and nuclear non-proliferation, digital technologies. , the fight against poverty and inequality, crisis prevention and peace, and readjustment for the 21st century. With this inspiration, and from our capabilities, we have set our goals for 2021 as: we have committed to donate at least 25% of the 2020 profit to social activities, we will offer our creativity, design and communication work for free to social causes , we have offered to financially support artistic manifestations, and we will also replace a diesel vehicle with a plug-in hybrid.

In March 2020, the famous historian Yuval Noah Harari pointed out in the Financial Times that one of the great dilemmas that would make us face the pandemic would be the choice between nationalist isolation and global solidarity. Unfortunately, in the first world power the first path seemed to have been chosen. Almost a year later, we cannot hide our optimism that the United States will re-commit itself decisively to global cooperation. If the problems are global, the solutions will need global implications.

2021 is presented as a challenge for us, but we face it with enthusiasm. As the Vice-President of the European Commission, Frans Timmermans, said in Madrid two years ago: “We have to get rid of the idea that if we do nothing, everything will stay the same. (…) Doing nothing is not an option ”. From Creartelia we will continue with optimism, we will continue combining creativity with social responsibility.

Owner & CEO
of Creartelia Comunicación, SLU

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